Denkyem Necklace
Denkyem Necklace
Denkyem Necklace

Denkyem Necklace

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Denkyem "Crocodile" Adinkra Symbol. The English translation of this Adinkra symbol is "crocodile” Denkyem depicts a crocodile. It is a symbol of adaptability because the crocodile can live in the water and on land with ease. It lives in the water, yet breathes air.

Add a distinctive touch to your favourite styles with this dope unisex statement piece, Adinkra pendant can easily be taken off and attached to other necklaces


Colour: Gold

Pendant Size: 1.06inch/2.7cm

Necklace Length: 17.7inch/45cm

Material: Stainless Steel, for long lasting shine please keep away from water, direct sunlight and store jewelry seperatly.