There is no doubt that this material can outperform silver or gold. Stainless steel is used in modern medicine for production of tools and surgical equipment because of its durability, which is probably one of the biggest advantages of stainless steel. It can handle plenty of wear and tear which makes stainless steel jewelry perfect for everyday use. Its is a naturally hardy alloy which is made intentionally to last long. And that is why we today have so many pieces of accessories made from this material and they are bound to last longer than those fancy pair of earrings you have but don’t wear as often because of the fear of wearing them out.

So, it is safe to conclude that this kind of jewelry has a bigger return on investment.




Gold doesn’t come cheap. One way to get quality at a price that will work for any budget is to shop for gold plated jewelry.The process of gold plating occurs with a piece of metal or alloy being covered with another type of metal. You could have a copper ring onto which gold is layered. This would turn that ring into a gold plated ring. The gold plating is done with real gold.Forging gold into another metal such as silver or copper increases the durability.

Unlike gold that immerses in water without wearing off, gold plated jewelry items tend to wear off after coming into contact with water. The item is also prone to chipping off when it encounters another metal. This is possible because only a few layers of gold was used on the metal. Generally, gold is a soft metal. Aside from this, the jewelry can start wearing off after a few weeks of wearing it.Some people are allergic to metal like nickel which can be found in gold plating. Once the plating wears away the allergen can cause itching and discoloration to the skin.

Gold plated items are still a great value to add to any collection now and in the future.